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Alberta's Show Me Apple Museum a nice collection of Apple history


Apple may not be planning on opening a museum in its new Cupertino headquarters, but that doesn't mean you can't find a local museum to learn more about Apple's illustrious history. One such collection is the Show Me Apple museum located in Alberta, Canada. It was founded by Todd Boschee and is one of the largest personal collections of Apple gear in the North American continent.

According to the museum's website, the collection started with a few old Apple computers that were purchased from friends. As the Boschees learned more about vintage Apple products, they got bit by the collecting bug. Their museum now houses a variety of Apple computers like the Apple Lisa 2, unusual devices like the QuickTake camera and a handful of signed memorabilia.

You can read more about the collection and browse through a photo gallery on the museum's website. If Canada is too far north for your travels, there's also a museum collection of Apple devices making an appearance in Roswell, Georgia in April.

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