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Anniversary Vita sale on European PSN


The Vita turns 1 this month, and to celebrate, Sony Europe is desperately trying to sell a game or two. For the next two weeks, a wide variety of Vita games, most from the launch period, are on sale on the European PSN, all with an extra 10% off for Plus members.

Highlights include Lumines: Electronic Symphony for €17.99/£13.99, Rayman Origins for€17.99/£13.99, Touch My Katamari for €19.99/£15.99, and Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack for €3.49/£2.79. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is €19.99/£14.99, but remember, if you buy the PS3 version, the Vita version is included – it might be worth the extra money for you if you want cross-play. Check the PlayStation Blog for the full list.

While you're on the PS Store, grab a demo of Ragnarok Odyssey, just released today. The full game is due February 20.

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