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Cadillac to update CUE infotainment system for improved responsiveness

Alexis Santos

If unresponsiveness in Cadillac's CUE infotainment system has been a personal point of frustration, relief is on the way: an update to smooth things over is being worked on. CUE Design Manager Jeff Massimilla told Wired that the firm's received feedback regarding responsiveness, and they're working on "a modification that will be released sometime later this year." With the upgrade, the infotainment system will be more responsive and the touchscreen and capacitive buttons will provide haptic feedback more quickly. The Cadillac XTS and ATS are set to score the update, but there's still no exact date penciled in for the patch's arrival. Though vehicles could suck down the update with a built-in data connection, the software will need to be installed by a Cadillac dealership instead. Not a fan of having lost knobs and dials to a touchscreen in the first place? According to Cadillac VP of Marketing Don Butler, we'll see the likes of such analog controls complement the screen interface in the future.

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