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Breakfast Topic: Have you given up metagaming?


Simpler. Streamlined. Better. Most of us would agree those terms play nicely together, as Blizzard trims the fat from WoW's game systems to make today's game the most accessible it's ever been. When you want to figure out the best way to do something in game, you'll quickly discover there's a website (and usually an addon and frequently an app) for that. Someone's probably already theorycrafted that gearing, made a video of that encounter, or written up a step-by-step how-to guide of that process.

Of course, you could keep working through all the details yourself. For many players, figuring out what to do and how to do it is the best part of the game. But others are plenty glad to wash their hands of all those lists and numbers. In today's game, alt-tabbing, second monitors, and playing with a tablet handily logged in to Wowhead are more than rule than the exception.

Do you do less metagaming and theorycrafting than you did once upon a time? If so, is that because the game simply doesn't demand it, because you turn to other resources to do it for you, or because that aspect of the game no longer feels compelling? What resources fill your metagaming needs these days? Or are you still cooking up spreadsheets and calculating formulae with the best of them?

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