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EVE Online steels players for summer changes [Updated]


When EVE Online's next expansion lands in summer 2013, CCP anticipates a surge of confusion and complaints over the "far-reaching consequences" that will occur when the studio reworks its ship requirements. To head off any possible negative feelings, the studio released an in-depth look as to how it's going to be changing the progression of ship captaincy and what will be required to jump into the next tier of spaceships.

In addition to this expansion preview, CCP posted another article concerning the improvement to corporation recruitment tools that will come even sooner with Retribution 1.1. The post goes over these improvements, such as an automatic welcome mail to new recruits, and invites players to test out the changes right now.

Finally, when Fanfest 2013 arrives in April, the event will be kicked off with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra performing the EVE Online soundtrack. CCP posted a link for those who may be interested in obtaining tickets.

Update: The studio also confirmed that the convention will include an "unorthodox fight" with MMA fighter Gunnar Neslon and a series of speakers discussing real-world space technology, such as space elevators.

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