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Google to crowdsource Indian mapping data, offers swag to top contributors


What's the best method of finding your way in a foreign land? Just ask the locals, and that's exactly what El Goog is doing in India with its Mapathon 2013 competition. The contest is running from February 12th through March 25th, and is asking residents of the Asian nation to add additional detail or update information in Google Maps using Map Maker. Working for Google without actually working for Google isn't very alluring, so to compensate participants for their knowledge and effort, the search giant is offering prizes -- slates, phones, vouchers (presumably for the Play store) and other merchandise -- for the top 1,000 contributors. If you're willing and able to get involved, head to the source link for the lowdown on how. When you finally get round to seeing the Taj Mahal in person and check your phone for the nearest watering hole, remember to raise a toast to Mapathon 2013 for getting you there.

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