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Quirky's Crossover: finally, a truly unique iPhone 5 case


As you're probably aware, TUAW does a lot of reviews of iPhone cases. To be honest with you, most of the cases don't really catch my attention anymore. But this morning I got an email from crowdsource design firm Quirky about the Crossover (US$34.99), and it's so completely different that I had to write it up.

Rather than the typical "stick the iPhone 5 into the case" approach, designer Richard Moreen had the idea of using a couple of big stretchy silicone bands that cross over (hence the name) the back of the iPhone. Want to turn the Crossover into a wallet case? Stuff your ID and some credit cards under the bands and you're done.

The cool thing is that you can customize your case by selecting the color (there are 12 in all) for each band when ordering. For example, Colorado Rockies fans like me could select Wisteria Purple and Charcoal Gray for a nice tribute to our favorite baseball team...

According to Quirky spokesperson Jaime Yandolino, today's the official release for Crossover, so you can order your custom "case" today.

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