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Allods Online shows off the zones of its upcoming expansion

Eliot Lefebvre

Allods Online is gearing up for another new expansion, Lords of Destiny. Of course, a new expansion means new areas to explore, filled with exciting new animals to kill for loot. So it's not surprising that the first official preview shows off the allod of Irdrih. Players will be sent there on a top-secret mission from their faction leaders, but when they arrive, they'll be walking right into a war between two native factions that will force them to pick a side.

So what else will you find? A jungle, lots of smaller islands, and a lot of lush tropical scenery. You'll also wind up meeting the Tequani, small furry humanoids that are distant relatives of the Gibberlings (one of the player races). The new region is hardly the only feature of the expansion, but if you want to take a look at the scenery and read up on the local lore, you can check out the full reveal.

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