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Apple hires senior OLED researcher away from LG Display

It's not confirmation that we'll ever see Apple devices with OLED displays, but a new hire by the company definitely tips the scale in favor of the technology one day finding a home in iPhones, iMacs and other products. Dr. Jueng–jil "James" Lee, previously behind LG Display's efforts to create printable OLED televisions, has been poached from the South Korean company by 1 Infinite Loop and will go to work within Apple's display group.

There'll no doubt be those who see Dr. Lee's hiring as in some way connected with Apple's rumored efforts to produce its own television ("now with an OLED display!," we can almost hear the rumor mill shouting) but in truth the company has been quietly working on several potential implementations for the technology over the years. Of course, the doctor's talents might even be put to use on products we can't even imagine yet -- or there's always the chance that whatever he's been hired to do will never been seen outside of a secure room. This is Apple we're talking about, after all.

[Via AppleInsider]

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