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    Friday Favorite: Use Instashare to easily share files between your Mac and iPhone


    Instashare recently landed in the iOS App Store and it addresses a common problem encountered by many Apple users -- how do you transfer a file quickly and easily between your iOS devices and your Mac?

    Instashare is as easy to setup as it is to use. All you have to do is install the iOS app on your iPhone and the OS X app on your Mac. The OS X version sits in your menu bar and lets you drag and drop files you want to transfer to your iPhone. As soon as you drop a file, an alert appears on your iPhone asking you if you want to accept the file. Once you receive a file on your iOS device, you can preview it in the Instashare app or open it with a third-party app.

    On the reverse side, you can use the Instashare app to select a photo from your camera roll or a file on your iPhone and send it to your Mac. Transferred files are automatically saved to the Downloads folder, but you can select a different folder in the settings. You can transfer images, PDFs, MP3 files and more.

    Instashre isn't just an iPhone to Mac transfer tool. You can also send files between other local iPhones or iPod touches. It'll also work on the iPad, but you have to install it as an iPhone-native app and then scale it up.

    Instashare is available for free from the iOS App Store. There is a US$0.99 in-app purchase that'll remove the ads from the app. The OS X version is available for free from Instashare's website.

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