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Injustice: Gods Among Us fight tapes show off Bane, Harley Quinn

Jordan Mallory

NetherRealm Studios and DC Comics are hosting a series of popularity contests over on the official Injustice: Gods Among Us website, pitting heroes and villains against each other in a tournament-style bracket where fan votes determine the hypothetical outcome.

Sounds fun and everything, but what we're primarily interested in are the gameplay videos released once a winner has been determined, the first two of which can be found above and beyond the veil. We're not going to spoiler the outcome of either fight, obviously, but we will say that Bane's abilities look very reminiscent of Kabal's from Mortal Kombat, while Harley Quinn has more than a little bit of Mileena about her.

The next round of voting starts on February 11, so we're anticipating more videos in a couple weeks.

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