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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is eating burritos


We weren't sure if you could tell, but we've really been into burritos today. You see, burritos are delicious. We'll take a steamed flour tortilla filled with lord-knows-what any day of the week. Are these black beans? Some kind of cheesy sauce? Fantastic. We'll have another.

Be sure to grab a burrito and settle into last week's webcomics, then vote for your favorite after the break!

Holy crap, relax (Domics)
Maturity (Dave the Direman)
Devil May Cry (Another video Game Webcomic)
Pick Your Starter (Dorkly)
The Enthusiast (Virtual Shackles)
Age of Majority (Penny Arcade)
Benign Tragedy (Brawl in the Family)


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