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Patch 5.2 PTR: Durumu the Forgotten

Matt Low

I can't remember the last time I've fought a beholder. The earliest ones were seen during Burning Crusade right? The last time would've been on the prisons of Tol Barad. It's a giant eye which shoots laser beams and Durumu isn't an exception. I would have never guessed Lei-Shen would keep one of these around. This encounter specifically is going to stress on your raid's capabilities to think and move on their feet.

Anyone else hate fighting giant, floating eyes?

There is a tank swap mechanic here. You'll need at least two. Durumu will Hard Stare at his current tank. That player is going to receive a Serious Wound and an Arterial Cut. Every application of Serious Wound means 10% less healing (per application). On top of that, it's about 40k physical damage person from the Arterial Cut until they're back to full health.

Patch 52 PTR Durumu the Forgotten

See the blue trails? It's a lethal attack he deals called Disintegration Beam. He'll target a player and then zap in a cone anyone caught within the location.

There's a few other abilities that appear throughout the fight. The Appraising Eye fires shadowy missiles at two random players (Lingering Gaze). It takes him 2 seconds to cast it which is plenty of time to bail out. We tried to place the puddles as far back from the middle. It'll explode for 142k+ damage to anyone near it and create a little puddle on the ground. Step on the puddle if you wish to suffer shadow damage every second and a 30% slow.

The Hungry Eye will Life Drain random players and stun them for 15 seconds. The longer it's focused on a player, the more life will be drained from the victim to eye. They'll always drain the life of the closest player between it and the very first target.

Lastly, there is also the Mind's Eye. When summoned, it'll focus on a random player and knock back any players who are still within it's gaze when Force of Will finishes casting.

The Light Spectrum Phase

After about a minute (or more), you'll hit a new phase. There's three different colored beams that Durumu will emit. They'll inflict tons of damage if not properly handled.

The red beam is the Infrared Light. Durumu will target a player with a beam. A few seconds later, a red AoE cone will emit from Durumu centered on the beamed player. Wherever the player moves with the beam, the cone will follow. Standing on the AoE cone yields approximately 200k damage split evenly over players standing within it. Mind the stacking debuff though. Anyone in the red cone will gradually take increasing damage.

Not only that, there's a few adds lying around. The Crimson Fog can only be exposed when an Infrared Light source is shone upon them. The person with the beam needs to point the Infrared Light around the platform and attempt to find and destroy the three adds. All DPS should be focusing them down. Our raid had trouble trying to taunt and drag them around. Not sure if they're supposed to be rooted in place or if they can be mobile. Once all the adds are destroyed, this part of the fight ends.

The next beam is the Blue Rays. It works similar to the Infrared Light. And yes, it will also fry you and any players near you in the same way Infrared Light does except it will do so in high definition 1080p. A blue beam will target a player and follow them around the platform. Their job is to identify the Azure Fog. Thankfully, unlike the Crimson Fog, there is only one Azure Fog to worry about. Unfortunately, the Azure Fog will detonate and deal tons of damage to the entire raid the moment the cone from the Blue Rays are no longer shining on it.

The last beam is the Bright Light (it's the yellow one). Like the previous beams, it will target a player followed by a yellow AoE cone. Now unlike the previous beams, it will not follow them around. It will start off on a player before slowly moving clockwise or counter-clockwise. There are no yellow adds. The challenge is in negotiating the Infrared and Blue beams around it.
Patch 52 PTR Durumu the Forgotten

This whole phase is about beam and debuff management. Establish teams for Infrared, Blue, and Bright Light soaking purposes. Once your stacks get to a high level, the teams must rotate from one to the other.

We noticed it was possible for beam targets to change. This usually occurred when a player died but we also observed that even with the full raid up, the beam targets could still change. We're not sure if it's a bug or if there was a missed mechanic that wasn't in the dungeon finder.

Patch 52 PTR Durumu the Forgotten

In one of the more comical wipes I've witnessed, here are three beams absolutely destroying the entire raid. You can see the Infrared, Azure, and Distintegration beams.

Call it a hunch, but this eyeball is going to be a giant pain in the rear on the raid finder for sure. I suspect it'll present an excellent challenge to raiders when they get to it. My group was unable to vault pass the Light Spectrum phase.

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