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    Find unique tourist attractions with Crash City Guides for iOS

    Mel Martin

    There are plenty of travel guides available for the iPhone, but for those who are looking for something a bit off the beaten path, grab Crash City Guides, which is free.

    The iPhone app lists thousands of unique places like hidden waterfalls and obscure museums. You can add your own photos, comments and original content. The app provides a map marking the location, but no directions. Use Apple Maps, Google or whatever you use for navigation to get you there.

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    To get started you must set up a free account, which you can do through Facebook, or bypass that and pick a username and a password.

    As a film buff, I appreciated the locations of Elliot's house from E.T., and the Kill Bill chapel. The only drawback is that the destination list is pretty slim, with just Austin, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. The developers promise more locations are on the way, and you can add locations anywhere for others to share. Places you want to visit can be added to a to-do list.

    While the list seems pretty urban, the fact is there are a lot of wonderful out-of-the-way parks and natural locations near those cities. I'd like to see more places, obviously, and I think the app should be able to send a location to Apple Maps for easier navigation.

    This is a good idea for an app. If you want more content in a paid app, take a look at some of the Rough Guides. The New York City Rough Guide app, for example, is really excellent.

    The app is not universal, but is optimized for the iPhone 5. iOS 5 or greater is required.

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