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Slender: The Arrival lands (right behind you) March 26, pre-orders up


Slender: The Arrival is here for pre-orders, and probably your soul, direct from developer Blue Isle Studios, now with a launch date of March 26. Slender: The Arrival comes in a handful of pre-order options, starting with a $5 discount price that grants players a download of the game and access to the beta today. The game will cost $10 when it launches, and for that price players get everything in the $5 option, but "are feeling generous," as Blue Isle puts it.

$15 gets the same goodies but includes a copy of the soundtrack on launch day; $25 is all of that plus five downloadable, high-resolution paintings from the game. The top tier, $60, snags everything in previous options plus your name in the credits as a super special thank you.

Ah, the joy of indie games: Scaring your pants off for a fraction of the price of mainstream retail titles.

[Thanks, Alex!]

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