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Toy Fair 2013 features such wonderful toys


Toy Fair 2013 is happening up in New York this week, and in addition to those Tomb Raider minimates we spotted earlier, there are a bevy of various playthings, action figures, and replica items available from a number of famous video game franchises and settings. Just down below, we've compiled a few galleries of the video game-related toys on display for you to browse through at your leisure.

Thrill, for example, at the newly revealed Motorized Patriot figure from Bioshock Infinite. Gaze upon the (still boxed!) figures from Batman: Arkham City, including Talia, Deadshot, and Bats himself. Or if full-sized replicas are more your thing, you can see some closeup shots of the Gears of War Judgement "Taxi Lancer," as seen above. Sure, your significant other may exclaim that you're too old to play with these toys, but they didn't say you couldn't look through a few galleries of them, right?

Gallery: BioShock Infinite (Motorized Patriot Action Figure) | 3 Photos

Gallery: Gears of War: Judgment (Baird 7" Figure) | 2 Photos

Gallery: Gears of War: Judgment (Taxi Lancer Replica) | 4 Photos

Gallery: Tomb Raider (Minimates) | 15 Photos

Gallery: Batman: Arkham City (Action Figures) | 5 Photos

Gallery: Batman: Arkham City (Solomon Grundy Action Figure) | 4 Photos

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