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Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation could use some help


Back in the day, used to be that when a game wasn't released in a certain area, that area never got to experience that game. After a year and a half of being on Japanese store shelves, Final Fantasy Type-O doesn't look like it's getting localized in the US. Luckily, a few fans are up to the immense task of translating the PSP RPG.

GBA Temp forum poster SkyBladeCloud has laid bare all his programming work on the Final Fantasy Type-O ROM on the forums, producing the above shaky-cam video of his work so far. He's not necessarily soliciting translators for assistance, but has made it much easier for fan translation to succeed by reverse-engineering a majority of the game engine. Now Japanese-fluent gamers can help make a translation a reality.

Final Fantasy Type-O launched on the PSP in Japan in October of 2011, at the tail-end of the PSP's life cycle. Type-O uses a hybrid battle system not unlike Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and The 3rd Birthday – a mixture of turn-based and real-time action combat.

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