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Foursquare adds tips and photos to shared mobile links for non-members

Nicole Lee, @nicole

In a continuing effort to be more of a discovery and recommendation engine, Foursquare has updated the mobile version of its place pages with more information for non-members. In the past, whenever users of the location-based app shared info about a place via Twitter, Facebook, email or text, friends without the app would be led to a relatively barebones link with details like the address, phone number and not much else. Now that mobile-friendly page is spruced up with all-important tips and photos, which makes that sharing function infinitely more useful for would-be shoppers and diners who aren't into the whole Foursquare thing just yet. Of course, there's that not-so-subtle "Download the App" hint at the top right to nudge them that direction, but that's entirely unnecessary if all your friends want are suggestions on which kind of nigiri they should get at that hot new sushi bar.

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