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Metareview: Aliens: Colonial Marines


Get away from this game, you @#%$!. Our review of Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines found it "devoid of any redeeming qualities whatsoever." Let's find out how others felt.
  • EGM (90/100): "On an express elevator to otherworldly awesomeness."
meanwhile, everyone else...
  • OXM UK (60/100): "It needed to offer intense combat against an unstoppable force, deft storytelling that matched the cinematic flair of the films, and some new ideas that could have rejuvenated an overexposed franchise. It needed, in short, to be a better game."
  • Edge (50/100): "Colonial Marines feels stiff, shallow and dated. First announced for a 2008 release before the Aliens franchise machine prioritized other projects, it feels like more work has been retained from that initial production period than either Gearbox or Sega would care to admit. "
  • Game Informer (40/100): "Take away the Aliens license, and you've got a shooter that has no reason to exist. It would be like stripping the terraforming from Fracture or playing Inversion without its gravity-defying gimmick. At its best, it's barely mediocre."
  • Eurogamer (30/100): "It's shocking stuff, certainly one of the most glitchy mainstream releases of this hardware generation, and the sort of thing that would barely pass muster as a low budget game from 2002."

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