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Twisted Metal series on sale this week on PSN


To celebrate the one year anniversary of Twisted Metal on the PS3, the entire series is discounted on PSN for the next week. It all starts with the PS3 entry, which has had its price shot, run over and exploded down to a manageable $29.99 for the next week.

PS One Classics Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2 are both on sale for $4.99 each; Twisted Metal Black, the PS2 entry in the series, is on sale for $7.99 – you may recall it was included in first edition copies of 2012's Twisted Metal gratis. If purchasing piecemeal isn't your idea of a good deal, you can get everything together in the Twisted Birthday Bundle for $39.99.

Last year's Twisted Metal made its PSN debut in October for $40 – if you missed out on Eat Sleep Play's entry in the long-running series, be sure to read our review.

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