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Breakfast Topic: Did you roll a druid because of this cinematic?


If you've been around the World of Warcraft for any length of time, doubtless you're intimately familiar with the original game cinematic. To this day, this classic promo is cited again and again by countless players who rolled a druid after imagining themselves bounding through Azeroth in cat form.

Me, it was that dwarf who lit my fire. I don't even like dwarves, and it took me years to get around to playing one (which I eventually did only because I wanted to see my pigtails spin around above my head while I healed). But that dwarf ... He's perfect. He's utterly perfect. The setting, high above it all, his expression, his craggy countenance ... The bear ... Their chaotic return later in the cinematic ... That dwarf embodied the essence of the hunting, exploring, and personal, concrete life in the virtual world I wanted to inhabit.

Did something from this or another cinematic inspire you to roll a particular character? And if it was this cinematic from classic, did you roll a druid?


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