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Camelot Unchained dev blog: 'Choices matter'


City State Entertainment has put up a new Camelot Unchained dev diary that continues the Foundational Principles series of posts. Today's devblog is about foundational principle number four, which is that "choice matters." Well of course it does, but how are the Camelot Unchained devs going to provide choices to their players? The post provides a few examples of the way players' choices will affect their long-term gameplay.

For starters, Camelot Unchained will feature "a full stat allocation system" that will allow players to completely customize their characters' attributes. Race and gender will also matter: different races will have different stat maximums/minimums, and of course, various racial proficiencies and deficiencies. However, it's not mentioned exactly what effect a character's gender will have. The post also mentions players being able to take various advantages and disadvantages for their character such as in a number of pen-and-paper games, which will allow players to further tailor their characters as they see fit. For the full post, which also includes an example of what might happen if a mage decked out in metal armor decides to cast a lightning spell, head on over to the official site and check it out.

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