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    Daily iPhone App: Listn lets you keep track of your favorite bands


    Listn fills a particular niche in the life of a music lover. It's an easy-to-use list-making app whose sole purpose is to capture music recommendations on the go. It's perfect for those random conversations when someone mentions the name of a new band you'd like to remember.

    Sure, you could use Notes for keeping tack of these type of lists, but Listn offers more than just a flat list for the music fan. The app ties into a large music database, so you can view a full discography and biography of the bands that you have added to your list. It also connects to iTunes, so you can listen to previews of song tracks and then purchase them on your iPhone.

    Listn launched at the end of January and is a new addition to the App Store. It's a good first effort, but, like most version 1.0 apps, there's room for improvement. The ability to organize your list would be helpful, and I would love to be able to mark off individual songs instead of just bands. These features, though, are ones that could be easily added in the future versions of the app.

    iPhone owners always on the lookout for new music should give Listn a whirl. It is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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