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Highnote for iOS gives musicians tempo and key control over their music


Highnote allows you to slow down or speed up the tempo of songs in your iOS music library, without affecting the pitch or key. It also allows you to change the key without affecting the tempo.

Any aspiring musician will need to spend hours practicing and honing their skills in order to master their instrument. Part of this practice requires playing with other musicians and learning and mimicking what they play and how they play it. And very often, this happens by playing along to a track or particular song again and again.

However, sometimes what you're playing along to can be too fast for your current ability. Or perhaps you can't quite hear exactly what the musician is playing because he is playing it so quickly. Or perhaps you're not ready to play along in that particular key, but you could in another. That's where an app like Highnote is invaluable

While there are other apps on the iOS App Store that offer similar features, Open Planet Software's Highnote offers a simple, clear and beautiful-looking interface that allows you to focus on practicing, without any distractions. Simply choose a track from your iOS music library, select the volume and adjust tempo and pitch on the fly. If you get lost, hit reset to restore the song to its original state.

An additional, well-thought-out feature is built-in AirPlay functionality. Let's face it, you're more likely to practice while listening to the music through a powerful set of speakers than you are through your iPhone's speaker! Highnote makes AirPlay easy to turn on and off from within the app.

If you're a musician, music student, teacher or indeed anyone that performs with music, Highnote is a brilliant way to slow things down (or change the key), so you can practice effectively.

Highnote is available from the iOS App Store for US$2.99 now.

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