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Multiplayer shooter Nexuiz tied up in the future of THQ Partners


Nexuiz, an arena-based product of Illfonic and THQ Partners, is in limbo following THQ's bankruptcy and assets sale, during which the Partners brand was not sold.

"Our deal with THQ was basically a licensing deal through THQ Partners, so we do have a period of time [in which] THQ has the rights to be the exclusive publisher," Illfonic president Chuck Brungardt tells Polygon. "Now with them folding we are still trying to figure out what this means and awaiting details from our contacts handling the transitions at THQ."

Brungardt says it will probably take another month to figure out the future of Nexuiz and the remaining THQ assets. Nexuiz is lumped in with THQ Partners, the Darksiders franchise, Vigil Games and other back catalog properties that former THQ president Jason Rubin said will be sold off in a separate process.

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