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Putting Apple's retail traffic into perspective


Two days ago, during an interview with Bill Shope at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned some 120 million people walked through the doors of Apple's 394 (approximately) stores open in 2012.

To put the magnitude of those 120 million visitors into perspective, The Mac Observer has put together an interesting article (with charts and all) stacking that number against some of the biggest attractions in the world.

For example, Disney's 13 theme parks drew 125 million attendees in 2011; that's a scant 5 million higher than the number who visited an Apple Store in 2012. Also note that the 2012 Super Bowl drew about 111.3 million viewers. Credit the NFL as deserved, though: that was for just one evening, not the entire year!

Perhaps the most striking statistic is that, compared to the entire world population in 2012, estimated at 7.07 billion people, Apple's 120 million store visitors equates to 1.69 percent of the world population -- a noticeable and discernible percentage in the total. It's staggering to think that Apple draws such significant foot traffic.

For more comparisons -- and charts -- do check out The Mac Observer's post here.

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