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Server outcast in South Korea rekindles WoW community


There's a forum thread, which was posted on the US forums a few days back, where a player tells rather a sad tale. It's a translation of a thread which has caused visible shifts on Korean servers, where players are starting to change, to become more sympathetic, and to care a little bit more about others. The poster asserts that, thanks in part to separate 10- and 25-man lockouts, and far shorter raid resets, Korea's servers were growing ever more competitive and elitist.

The story, much abridged, goes that, on Zul'Jin (KR), a warrior was looking for a group. He whispered the OP of the Korean community thread on the story, asking for a spot in a PuG raid the OP was advertizing. This warrior was renowned on the server for his low DPS, so low, in fact, that nobody would bring him to a raid. The OP had previously taken him to Terrace of Endless Spring, and the warrior was incredibly grateful, but the warrior's 30k DPS had meant that the OP decided against bringing him to another 10-man group.

The OP's PuG raid never happened, so, as he felt bad for the warrior's situation, decided to help him. The warrior was doing it all wrong, gemming, reforging, enchanting, and as they chatted the OP was struck by the warrior's politeness and gratitude, as well as learning that the warrior was an older guy trying to escape from an unpleasant real life into WoW. The OP realized how uncommon this friendliness was in recent times, and how elitist and unfriendly the South Korean WoW community had become. He remembered that they were all noobs once, and made a post asking his fellow WoW players to be kinder, more generous, and less elitist.

The result of this has reportedly been a seismic shift in South Korea's WoW community, and an outpouring of support, not to mention several blue posts on the topic. Players have even started organizing "Mentor Raids" to help others get to grips with their class and with the fights. WoW's community is one of the big things that makes the game great, the help and support and friendliness that comes out of a digital world. If you haven't read the original thread, you should. We were all noobs once.

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