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You axed for it: Brutal Legend on Steam Feb. 26


Double Fine appears to have gotten its Brütal Legend IP from the jaws of both EA and Activision, as it's self-publishing a PC version of the metal-themed action/RTS thing on February 26.

Pre-ordering before that date gets you the game for $14.99, $5 off the normal price (a Soundtrack Edition is also available for $18.74), along with instant access to a multiplayer beta. Oh, and because it's a game on Steam, you get a couple of Team Fortress 2 items.

Double Fine is also taking pre-orders on The Art of Brütal Legend, a hardcover, 252-page art book. Books pre-ordered from Double Fine's shop will be signed by Tim Schafer, though hats will not be included.

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February 13, 2013
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - February 13, 2013 - Double Fine Productions is compelled by the dark gods of Metal to announce that the epic rock-adventure Brütal Legend is being unleashed upon the PC. The game can currently be preordered for $14.99 on Steam--a 25% discount off the release-day price.
So powerful is the game's raw lifeforce that even its creators cannot contain it any longer. Owners will receive immediate access to the Brütal Legend PC multiplayer beta, which is now live and already blowing souls. All preorder customers will also be granted two exclusive Team Fortress 2 items, Eddie Riggs' hair and his guitar Clementine, all the better to spread the word of Metal throughout the virtual land.
"Adding a PC release to Brütal Legend's list of conquests risks raising the world's ambient Metal saturation to dangerously high levels," said Double Fine President Tim Schafer, "which is why we're conducting this closed beta test for preorders."
"By purchasing this game, you are waiving your legal rights to recourse if the fire beast Ormagöden bathes the world in flame and ushers in the Age of Metal," commented our lawyer.
"Shh," added Mr. Schafer.
Also available on Steam is the Brütal Legend original musical score composed by Peter McConnell, which can be bundled with the game for $4.99 or purchased separately for $7.99.
And hot on the heels of the PC release is the long-awaited Art of Brütal Legend book, featuring more than 600 lavishly reproduced pieces of concept art from the development process, featuring a foreword by Tim Schafer and an introduction by artist Scott Campbell. The Art of Brütal Legend can be preordered at the Double Fine Action Shop, along with other high-quality merchandise including multiple brand-new collectible art prints and a high quality Eddie Riggs statue:

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