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Anomaly Korea creators tease secret game, which you can preorder now


The last time we spoke with the guys from 11 Bit Studios (right before Anomaly Warzone Korea landed), they had plenty of plans for a huge desktop game they were working on (to be available for PC, Mac and Linux). And now, it appears they've announced the title ... sort of. They haven't actually said what the game is, but they have released this secret game page, that features a very short teaser trailer hinting at what they're working on. "Hinting" is about right -- there's really nothing to see, except for some troops rolling up on a weird object that seems to be alien and dangerous in some way. That's it.

But if that has somehow convinced you, then we have even more news: You can preorder this secret game, sight unseen, right now. That's right -- for just US$7.49 (half off from $14.99 at the moment), you can preorder a game you know practically nothing about, and you'll get access to the game's multiplayer beta, a full copy of the game when it arrives and even an "extra gaming gift" from 11 Bit Studios. So a secret gift in a preorder for a secret game? Apparently.

The game itself will be announced in full on February 28, but the sale will be over then, and the price will go back up to $14.99. So basically, they're asking you to bet $7 on whether the game will be good or not. 11 Bit is the studio behind the great (award-winning) Anomaly Korea titles, and the excellent Funky Smugglers, so hey, tossing in the $7 for whatever else you get is probably not a bad deal at all. We'll keep an eye out for just what the secret announcement is on the 28th, and let you know then.

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