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MH3 Ultimate, Fire Emblem Awakening EU bundles unveiled, Circle Pad Pro too


Nintendo revealed European hardware bundles for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Fire Emblem Awakening in this morning's Direct broadcast, along with a release date of April 19 for Awakening.

The Wii U MH3U bundle includes the black Premium edition of the console, a black Pro Controller, and the game. Meanwhile, the 3DS bundle brings the black XL console to the continent for the first time, along with a pre-installed copy of MH3U. The Circle Pad Pro 3DS XL launches in Europe on the same day the game does, which is March 22.

As for Fire Emblem Awakening, it gets a Europe-exclusive blue 3DS XL, as pictured below the break, which includes a pre-installed copy of the game. This morning's Direct presentation also confirmed all of the strategy game's DLC is headed to the continent, but didn't provide any release dates for the add-on content.

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