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New Mario and Donkey Kong, Dillon and more headed to 3DS eShop


Nintendo has unveiled several new games for the 3DS eShop. First up is Kerploosh, a puzzle game about ... dropping things down a well, which is set for March 7 in North America, while Europe gets it a bit earlier on February 28 - there it's called Splash and Crash for some reason.

On March 11, Dillon the armadillo cowboy returns in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. The game expands upon the tower defense elements of the first game, adding new characters and a moving train to defend. It arrives on March 11. Next we have the rhythm platformer HarmoKnight, which will arrive on March 28, with a demo set for March 14.

Nintendo also revealed Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, which brings the puzzle series to the 3DS. A release date was not revealed for North America, while Europe got a Q2 2013 window, once more with a different name: Mario and Donkey Kong.

Check out a trailer above, and find trailers for HarmoKnight and Kersploosh after the break.

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