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Report: PlayStation 4 controller prototype caught on camera


An image purportedly depicting a prototype controller for Sony's next PlayStation has surfaced. Posted on Destructoid, the image reveals a controller with many similarities to Sony's typical DualShock design, albeit with a few cosmetic alterations like rounded sides, differently shaped analog sticks and a D-pad that looks very similar to the one used on the PlayStation Vita.

A few atypical features include what appears to be a touchpad similar to the rear touchpad on the Vita, a built-in speaker and a strange, glowing bar. The bar bears some likeness to the otherworldly glow of a a PlayStation Move, suggesting the controller could have built-in motion tracking.

According to sources at IGN, the controller is indeed real, though it's an early prototype and possibly very different from the final design. Sony is widely expected to unveil its next PlayStation at an event next Wednesday, and hopefully we'll know more by then.

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