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Apple seeking engineers for 'next generation' Apple TV development


A new job posting on Apple's website shows that the company is seeking a software engineering manager to "help deliver the next-generation features for Apple TV." Alright, sure, they probably didn't need that article in there. But still -- Apple is clearly trying to put together a team to build up the software on the Apple TV, and it even asks applicants for the job to have experience managing several "high-priority projects." "High-priority" isn't how Apple has described its TV unit in the past, but if they're assembling a new team for a new era, we can probably expect to see some changes in the future around Apple's living room device.

A job listing is of course just a job listing -- this just means it's a position that Apple wants to fill at some point in the future, not that Apple's halfway done with all of the R&D it wants to do. But I think it is fair to say that the Apple TV has a long future in Cupertino, and that we'll definitely see it move up on the priority scale over there very soon.

[via 9to5Mac]

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