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BBC's Blue Peter honours Jony Ive with gold Blue Peter badge


The BBC's long-standing children's program, Blue Peter, has honoured Jony Ive with a gold Blue Peter badge, the show's highest accolade. The show has a tradition of inspiring and encouraging young children to design, create and make things.

As reported by the BBC, a special gadget edition of Blue Peter will be broadcast this Saturday, where a prefilmed segment -- already available on the BBC's Media Centre website -- shows Ive receiving the award from Blue Peter presenter Barney Harwood.

Ive, who grew up in London and watched the show as a child, viewed children's designs submitted to Blue Peter of an all-in-one school bag, lunch box and pencil case, and reminisced on one particular episode that had really stuck with him, where a presenter made a paint brush holder from an old plastic bottle.

Upon receiving the award, Ive said, "That's absolutely incredible, " and that he was "very grateful."

Ive also presented the show with his own rather large design of the Blue Peter badge, made out of solid aluminium, cut on one of Apple's CNC machines.

The special Blue Peter show will air tomorrow in the UK at 10 AM GMT on the CBBC channel.

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