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Dropbox 2.1 for iPhone, iPad adds 'all-new' PDF viewer


Everybody's favorite cloud-syncing app, Dropbox, has been updated for iOS. Dropbox 2.1 adds a few new features, most notably a redesigned PDF viewer.

That PDF viewer includes a button in the top-left corner of all open PDF files that now displays multi-page PDFs as thumbnails for quick navigation. There's also a search button -- tapping it displays a search field for finding specific text in your PDF file quickly and easily.

What else is new? You will now receive a push notification on your iOS device when someone shares a folder with you, which is a nice touch. Dropbox 2.1 also features two ways to sort your files now -- alphabetically (as in the past), and by date modified.

As with most Dropbox updates, the changes add additional utility to the popular cloud service.

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