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EA and Zynga settle The Ville lawsuits


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Electronic Arts and Zynga have settled their legal kerfuffle, which began when the former sued the social games giant for what it called a "clear violation" of copyright laws over similarities between games. Details on the settlement are lacking, but InsideSocialGames has a statement from Zynga that it has resolved its respective claims with EA and "reached a settlement" in the Northern District of California.

The legal drama kicked off last August when EA sued Zynga over the similarities between Zynga's recently released The Ville and EA's The Sims Social. The evidence against Zynga was stacked pretty high. This was the first time a giant like EA had stepped into the ring to take on the culture of cloning, which Zynga had been accused of in the past.

A month later, Zynga filed a counterclaim against EA over the similarities between CityVille and SimCity Social. We'll update with settlement terms when he receive them.

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