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Institutional users get around restrictions with iOS 6 bug


iOS 6 added a feature that allows users to set "Don't Allow Changes" for an account on an iOS device. This setting was handy for schools and enterprises that want to keep devices tied to a certain account and prohibit users from installing unapproved apps. However, as 9to5Mac reports, there are several ways that users can bypass the setting due to a new bug.

The backdoors are remarkably simple to implement. All a user needs to do is go to either the iTunes or App Store app, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on the Apple ID button to sign out of the institution's account and sign in with their own. Then they're free to install all of the apps that the school or company were trying to keep off of the device in the first place.

It's a surprisingly blatant bug, and one that Apple has apparently confirmed as something that needs to be fixed. There's a temporary solution (described in the video below), but it restricts organizations from installing updates or pushing apps on those devices. 9to5Mac notes that a 6.1.2 update could arrive as soon as next week to fix an Exchange bug and passcode vulnerability, but whether or not this new iOS 6 bug will be squashed is unknown.

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