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What If You Had? (Celeb Edition) remakes you with celebrity attributes

Mel Martin

What If You Had? (Celeb Edition) is a fanciful free universal app that lets you digitally implant celebrity noses, smiles and eyes on any picture you choose. Want Justin Bieber's nose? Or the smile of Alicia Keys?

The app gives you a catalog of famous body parts, then lets you attach them to a picture in your camera roll or take a fresh photo right from the app. The results can be as realistic or as strange as you like.

When the new nose or other part appears you can move it, resize it, rotate or it,or change the color balance to match the photo it is being inserted onto. I expected the result to look pretty phony, but with a little attention you can make the changes look realistic, or outlandish if you prefer. You can get really, er, strange with pet pictures...

When you're done, creations can be shared with friends via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email. This app is not a Photoshop replacement, but it is a fun weekend app.

What If You Had? is a 30 MB download that is optimized for the iPhone 5, and the app requires iOS 6.0 or greater.

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