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Sunday Morning Funnies: Smooches

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

We have a new comic to add to the list! Check out The Trolling of Azeroth (thanks for the tip, ash.w.miller!). I've linked the archive and will start next week by including the latest in the list. If anyone has any other tips, feel free to drop them into the comments section!

As an update to last week's comic-funding news, LFG's kickstarter fund was completed on Friday. GU Comics is still funding through indiegogo with the goal to shift the emphasis away from soliciting and managing ad revenue and towards making comics.

Coffin (and therefore What's Shakin') is down for the count this week with a bad cold; boo! Get well! Also, Kuo is back up; glad to hear that your father is doing better, Volucris! Check out Kuo's Facebook page for a couple of character drawings and definitely check out the new site that features only Fox Rain comics. I love the background! It really sets the mood.

In other news, fans of Foxtrot may want to make sure to check out The Daily Blink this week!

Finally, I'd like to congratulate Contested Territory on its 50th strip! Check it out below:

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