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A Valley Without Wind 2 finds some breathing room on Steam


A Valley Without Wind 2 quietly blew through Steam today for PC and Mac, courtesy of indie developer Arcen Games. The sequel is 25 percent off now through February 25, for a cool $11.25.

A Valley Without Wind 2 is bundled with its predecessor, A Valley Without Wind, and is free to anyone who already owns that first game. The games will always be sold together, so the purchase price is really a two-for-one deal.

A Valley Without Wind 2 blends classic 16-bit platforming and turn-based strategy into a modern package: Think Contra meets a Metroidvania game with strategy overtones.

The launch of A Valley Without Wind 2 was purposefully engineered to fall on the softest of breezes – Arcen Games' marketing man Erik Johnson told Joystiq that the team kept this launch on the down-low because the first game was over-hyped prior to its release.

"Though this is a sequel to our 2012 release A Valley Without Wind, it's more of a spiritual one; this game is a jump like Zelda 3 was from Zelda 2," Johnson said. "While we were able to accomplish a lot with the first game, it was experimental and clearly not for everybody. So once we got our finances together for an update to the graphics, we decided to put our focus on a brand-new game that took everything that we learned while making the first game, plus many new ideas."

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