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Join the Engadget HD Podcast live on Ustream at 5:30PM ET

Ben Drawbaugh

Two in a row, that's what we're at now in regards to keeping the regular Engadget HD podcast on schedule these days. So hopefully our regular time is your favorite time and you'll tune in live at 5:30PM and be be a part of it. Start by reviewing the list of topics after the break, then participate in the live chat.

Aol acquires gdgt: get those engdgt puns out of your system today
Sony Entertainment's Michael Lynton praises the DVR for enabling an 'explosion in creativity'
Dish's Charlie Ergen on wireless dreams, ad skipping, à la carte programming and more
Microsoft talks plans for premium content production, details Xbox 360's transition to an 'entertainment console'
Intel confirms new internet-based television streaming product, 'working with entire industry' to launch this year
Eric Kessler announces AirPlay support for HBO Go and Max Go apps, says à la carte HBO access still isn't economically viable
LG's 55-inch OLED HDTV ships in Korea next week, has 100 pre-orders so far
LG Display invests $655 million to expand OLED HDTV mass production next year
Samsung Display drops injunction request against LG Display, moves closer to OLED peace
Red sues Sony over patents, wants disputed F-series cameras 'destroyed'
Vizio Co-Star update brings new Google TV UI, native Amazon and Vudu
TiVo Premiere now loaded with Flingo LaunchPad, nets more than 70 video apps
Western Digital unveils WD TV Play streaming box, directly competes with Roku
Raspbmc 1.0 brings stable media center duties to your Raspberry Pi
Seas0nPass jailbreak and aTV Flash (black) version arrive for Apple TV 5.2, bring Bluetooth keyboard compatibility
Amazon expands CBS content on Prime Instant Video, lands an Under the Dome exclusive
Amazon to spice up Lovefilm with BBC and original content, serve it to Bravias in HD
Comcast grows in Q4, buys the rest of NBCUniversal and rolls out more new DVRs
Netflix and DreamWorks to launch original show for kids in December
Now you too can watch Valve's Gabe Newell and Bad Robots' J.J. Abrams talk about storytelling
Must See HDTV (February 18th - 24th)

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