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Apple TV launches in India


It's been a year since Apple updated its "hobby" product, the Apple TV, but for fans in India the little black box has just appeared in the online store. The Apple TV sells for Rs. 7900, or about US$145.50, a premium of almost 50 percent over the pricing in the US.

Users in India can currently use the Apple TV to purchase content from the Indian iTunes store for viewing, but the streaming content available outside of the store -- such as Major League Baseball -- will have limited appeal to a subcontinent obsessed with cricket and football.

Blogger Nikhil Pradhan of ThinkDigit notes that an Apple India rep said that the company is looking to partner with Indian content providers to stream content to the devices in the way that Netflix and Hulu Plus are used in the US. At this time, there are no specifics on who those content providers may be or what content they may be interested in streaming.

Apple has been paying more attention to India lately, and the availability of the Apple TV is just one more foot in the door in this huge potential market.

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