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NASA and TopCoder want you to create an iPad app for the International Space Station


NASA and TopCoder, a company that hosts programming competitions, is teaming up on a series of contests that'll develop apps for astronauts. One app challenge targets the iPad and will help astronauts keep track of the food they eat while they are working in space.

The FIT (Food Intake Tracker) Challenge asks developers to design an iPad app that'll let astronauts enter the food they consume after each meal using voice, barcode scanning and pictures. The emphasis is on speed with the app ideally allowing astronauts to enter one week of meals in no more than 15 cumulative minutes. According to NASA, proper food intake is critical to the health of the astronauts because it lessens the negative effects of spaceflight on the body.

The app challenge opened in February and ends in May. According to the contest timeline, there are few days left to register and submit your app concepts.

[Via IntoMobile]

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