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WoW Moviewatch: Lord of the Blings


Work warning: Language can be an issue in this.

I can't remember the last time we've been able to enjoy such an epic, thorough machinima film. Lord of the Blings by Hybrim Entertainment runs about 40 minutes, more than long enough to sate even the most ardent fan film enthusiast.

Filled to the brim with movie references, parodies, and painstaking technique, Lord of the Blings presents a blow-by-blow WoW parody of Jackson's trilogy. The voice acting is amazing. The graphics are consistently high quality. The scripting is fantastic.

Lord of the Blings will stand out for a long, long time. We just don't get story-driven machinima like this, these days. I thought those days had passed. Thanks to Hybrim for bringing it back. This is the stuff we'd been missing.

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