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Backblaze announces 180 TB Storage Pod 3.0 open source design


So, you take a few hundred thousand RAW photos and capture a couple thousand hours of HD video, and before you know it you're out of storage space. Wouldn't it be nice to have 180 TB available to store all of those bits? Never fear, online backup company Backblaze has just announced the third generation of their open-source Storage Pod design, now new and improved for up to 180 TB of safe storage at a cost of less than US$0.06 per GB.

The first-generation Storage Pod was designed for Backblaze's need for reliable mass storage on the cheap. That first design back in 2009 provided 67 TB of storage at a cost of $7,867. The latest incarnation can handle 45 4 TB drives for a total of 180 TB of storage at a cost of $10,718 -- almost triple the storage for about $3,000 more initial cost.

Backblaze's design is free and open, and there are even full plans, parts lists and build books that are freely available. If you decide that building a Storage Pod 3.0 is out of the question due to time or lack of assembly skills, there are companies that sell you one or more.

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