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Expanded battleground queuing for select EU realms


If you play on an English or Spanish language EU realm, your battleground queues may be changing soon. As of February 25th, players of the same faction on some English realms and all Spanish realms will be able to form teams in battlegrounds. Blue poster Draztal explains that the change is being made in an effort to help improve low-level battleground queue times.

To help ease the transition Blizzard will be providing a glossary of common English and Spanish terms used in battleground PvP so newly interacting players can overcome the language barrier. Now if anyone gets on you about rotting your brain playing video games, just tell them you're practicing your foreign language skills!

For the time being, Blizzard is also opening up the local-language only forum restriction for the Spanish realms affected. If you wish to team up with Spanish players but don't really speak Spanish, now's your chance to ask them in English and hope that nothing gets lost in translation. Happy bilingual battling!

The full blue post after the break.

As part of our effort to improve the PvP experience for players, over the coming weeks we'll be making a change to the way English and Spanish realms interact with each other. Players within the same faction from select English and Spanish realms will be able to form teams when using the Battleground Finder.

We expect this change to have little impact for players at level 90, but it should improve the current queue times for low level battlegrounds on these realms.

We understand some of you may be worried about overcoming the language barrier for typical orders (such as warning your teammates of the opposition approaching Arathi Basin's Lumber Mill) and to that end, we'll be providing you with a glossary containing the most common terms used in each language soon.

Also, we're temporarily allowing English posts on the Spanish PvP forums, allowing you to communicate with fellow Spanish players should you wish to team up.

After the upcoming scheduled realm maintenance on the week of February 25, players of the same faction on the following realms will be able to play together in random battlegrounds:

English Realms:
  • Alonsus
  • Anachronos
  • Bronze Dragonflight
  • Burning Steppes
  • Darkmoon Faire
  • Darkspear
  • Lightbringer
  • Kor'gall

Spanish Realms:
  • C'Thun
  • Colinas Pardas
  • Dun Modr
  • Exodar
  • Los Errantes
  • Minahonda
  • Tyrande
  • Uldum
  • Sanguino
  • Shen'dralar
  • Zul'jin

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