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PlayStation 2013 event: What we didn't see; what we wanted to see


Sony's PlayStation 2013 event just concluded in New York City and while many developers and business types talked about the future of PlayStation 4 and what's possible, many concrete details were missing, like a price tag.

Perhaps the biggest omission was the PlayStation 4 hardware itself. Sony gave us a glimpse at the new DualShock controller – which features a new rounded design and built-in touch pad – but we didn't get to see the console. What does the PS4 look like? What will PlayStation Plus entail on PS4? Will it even exist on PS4?

Another letdown was the lack of first-party games. Sure, Sucker Punch unveiled a new Infamous game, Guerilla Games gave us a taste of Killzone: Shadow Fall and we caught a glimpse of a new IP in Knack, but where was The Last Guardian? We couldn't get a new Uncharted? What new games we did see, aside from those mentioned, were pretty tech demos for games a long way off or pre-rendered stuff. Like Square Enix's presentation and Capcom's Deep Down.

Where was the PS Vita love? All PlayStation 4 games allow for remote play on PS Vita, so why not mention a price drop? Japan is dropping the price of the PS Vita later this month and tonight would've been a great place to announce a price drop for North America.

In the end, at least we got to see the successor to Ravi drums, Media Molecule's PS Move tech demo. That's something.

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