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Tweetbot for Mac adds thumbnail support for Vine and Flickr

Alexis Santos

Roughly two weeks ago, Tweetbot for iOS was graced with in-line viewing of Flickr and Vine content, and now the Mac app has gotten a similar treatment with thumbnail support for both services. Version 1.2 of the client not only accommodates the 6-second films, but it brings a slew of other changes and a handful of bug fixes, to boot. Now, users can opt in for notifications when tweets are sent out from specific Twitter accounts, and can start writing messages by dragging videos or images to the app's icon. Tapbots has also tuned the application to play nice with MP4 files and to allow for account reordering in the preferences section. In addition, the software now uses version 1.1 of Twitter's API and sports a tweaked UI that complies with Costolo and Co.'s new visual requirements. Come March 5th, older versions of Tweetbot for Mac will give up the ghost thanks to Twitter's API changes, but upgrading to the fresh release (or future versions) will ensure your social networking will go uninterrupted. Click the bordering source link for the download and complete changelog.

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