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Dragon's Prophet boasts new EU website, gameplay video

Jef Reahard

You'd naturally expect an MMO called Dragon's Prophet to concern itself with dragons, and Runewaker's upcoming free-to-play title will indeed allow you to discover, capture, and tame over 300 of the mythical beasts.

The game boasts a new European community website, which itself boasts a sparkly new gameplay video that shows the dragons in action. "The dragons not only differ in appearance but also offer different types of movement: Some can be used to fly, some are experts at gliding, others don't have wings at all and some are even capable of diving underwater," according to Infernum, the title's European publisher. "Each dragon possesses an individual skillset containing passive, active and supporting abilities. For example, a flying dragon could be capable of healing, providing buffs, and engaging in melee combat.

Players manage their dragon collections via a personal lair, from which it will be possible to teach new skills to your scaly companions or send them out to collect resources. You can learn more about the game by viewing the video after the cut.

[Source: Infernum press release]

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