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Engage in Gratuitous Space Battles for free this weekend on Steam


Gratuitous Space Battles is pretty much precisely what it says – massive, interstellar dogfighting for basically no reason, aside from the fact that it's fun. Give it a go for free this weekend on Steam for PC and Mac, now through Sunday, February 24 at 1 p.m. PT.

If you discover that space-based wars are your thing, Gratuitous Space Battles is 75 percent off through February 25. That's $3.75 for just the game or $4.75 for the Complete Pack, which includes a heap of DLC.

Gratuitous Space Battles developer Chris Harris describes his game as a "hands-off battle simulator for giant space fleets," and he says the gameplay embraces a chaotic lack of control found in real-life military operations. Whether on the ground or among the stars, we imagine it is indeed difficult to strategize with people shooting at you.

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